Getting started

Features of the plugin

  1. Create Siddhi applications
    This plugin supports Syntax Highlighting and Auto Code Completions related to Siddhi grammar 4.0.

  2. Run Siddhi applications
  3. Debug Siddhi applications
  4. Use Siddhi Extensions with Siddhi applications
  5. Spell checking
  6. File template for ‘.siddhi’ files

Know More about these features

Setup the Siddhi plugin for Intellij IDEA and Siddhi SDK

  1. Install the plugin to intellij IDEA.
  2. Download Siddhi SDK.
  3. Setup Siddhi SDK.

Create, Run or Debug a Siddhi Application

  1. Creating a new Siddhi project.
  2. Creating a Siddhi file.
  3. Running a Siddhi file.
  4. Debugging a siddhi File.

NOTE: If you want to use a siddhi extension other than the default packed in extensions, you need to copy the jar file of that extension to {siddhi-sdk-home}\lib location.

Get familiar with Siddhi

Please refer Siddhi Site