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Siddhi IO NATS

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The siddhi-io-nats extension is an extension to Siddhi that receives and publishes events from and to NATS.

For information on Siddhi and it's features refer Siddhi Documentation.


  • Versions 2.x and above with group id io.siddhi.extension.* from here.
  • Versions 1.x and lower with group id org.wso2.extension.siddhi.* from here.

Latest API Docs

Latest API Docs is 2.0.15.


  • nats (Sink)

    NATS Sink allows users to subscribe to a Nats or Nats streaming broker and publish messages.

  • nats (Source)

    NATS Source allows users to subscribe to a NATS broker and receive messages. It has the ability to receive all the message types supported by NATS.


Add following jars when using nats,

Add following jars when using nats streaming * jnats-2.6.5.jar (Add to {SIDDHI_HOME}/jars) * java-nats-streaming-2.2.2.jar (Add to {SIDDHI_HOME}/jars) * protobuf-java-3.9.1.jar (Add to {SIDDHI_HOME}/bundles)


For installing this extension on various siddhi execution environments refer Siddhi documentation section on adding extensions.

Support and Contribution

  • We encourage users to ask questions and get support via StackOverflow, make sure to add the siddhi tag to the issue for better response.

  • If you find any issues related to the extension please report them on the issue tracker.

  • For production support and other contribution related information refer Siddhi Community documentation.