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Siddhi IO SQS

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The siddhi-io-sqs extension is an extension to Siddhi that used to receive and publish events via AWS SQS Service. This extension allows users to subscribe to a SQS queue and receive/publish SQS messages.

For information on Siddhi and it's features refer Siddhi Documentation.


  • Versions 3.x and above with group id io.siddhi.extension.* from here.
  • Versions 2.x and lower with group id org.wso2.extension.siddhi. from here.

Latest API Docs

Latest API Docs is 3.0.1.


  • sqs (Sink)

    The sqs sink pushes the events into a sqs broker using the AMQP protocol

  • sqs (Source)

    The sqs source receives the events from the sqs broker via the AMQP protocol.


Before using this extension, set up SQS as described in AWS Documentation - Setting up Amazon SQS.


For installing this extension on various siddhi execution environments refer Siddhi documentation section on adding extensions.

Support and Contribution

  • We encourage users to ask questions and get support via StackOverflow, make sure to add the siddhi tag to the issue for better response.

  • If you find any issues related to the extension please report them on the issue tracker.

  • For production support and other contribution related information refer Siddhi Community documentation.